Polymershapes is one of the top plastic manufacturers in California, boasting 70 years of experience and a knowledgeable, skilled staff. We are your premier source for the distribution of plastic sheets, rods, tubes, film, and similar products. Visit us whenever you require plastic supply in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Our expert sales staff and customer service team are the best in the business. They’re trained to help you with every project, from your first vision to the completion of the job.

In addition to offering plastic supply in Los Angeles, we also have a vast network of suppliers and stocking facilities spread throughout the Americas. Our wide reach allows our customers to easily access inventory that’s more local to them. It also gives us the ability to provide same-day delivery for many products. Customers can also take advantage of our conversion capabilities. We cater to many highly specific requests: for instance, we can convert film reels or use CNC routing and machining for your project.

What We Offer

As the go-to plastic manufacturer in California, we offer an impressive array of services that ensure we can fulfill your needs and requirements. Whatever method is best for you, you have a choice of plastic in a variety of shapes, colors, designs, and textures. Rely on us for digital printing, laser cutting, plastic molding, and more.

Plastic Fabrication

Our skill with plastic fabrication allows us to manufacture intricate parts, high-quality stage sets, machinery parts, and more. Ask about FabShapes, as well.


With Thermoforming, we can guarantee a beautifully detailed product. Thermoforming is the act of heating a plastic sheet until it’s pliable, which allows us to mold and trim it into whatever shape you need.

CNC / Laser Processing

We’re bringing plastic supply in Los Angeles to the next level with our laser processing capabilities. Computerized Numeric Control production saws can be found in all of our fabrication facilities.

CAD Design & Programming

CAD design makes it possible to design and mold plastic parts to the highest standard. It ensures the perfect design, materials, and processing.

Material Supply

Polymershapes is one of the largest distributors of plastic sheet, rod and tube in the United States. We have more brands, sizes and colors than most competitors. We have various types of plastic sheets in stock that can be cut to any size or specification.


Our capabilities also include a complete array of laser cutting and digital printing options. From instore displays to packaging to plastic products, Polymershapes can image, develop and produce your project from start to finish.

A Brief History of Polymershapes

What led us to become one of the most popular plastic manufacturers in California? Hard work and a storied history, for starters. Our roots date back to the 1940s: two plastic fabrication businesses started up, leading the way in the sale of plastic sheets and fabricated plastic parts. General Electric acquired both companies in 2000, at which point they were combined into a new business: GE Polymershapes.

During our 70 years of business, under every banner, we have maintained a razor-sharp focus. Our goal has always been to deliver the highest quality customer service to our customers, as well as our suppliers. We’ve made it our mission to build a distribution network while working to expand our portfolio and strengthen our expertise in the industry.

Employee Testimonials

The mark of a successful, reputable business is its employees. Not only are we the best plastic manufacturers in California, but we also have employees at 67 locations, all of which operate as independent businesses. Every employee we have is integral and irreplaceable. Learn more about how our employees feel about Polymershapers on our testimonials page.


Customer service is at the center of all we do. If you want to join the world of plastic supply in Los Angeles, you can learn more about the career opportunities available in our locations.

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